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Marian Miller Metalsmith

Mother of Pearl and White Sapphire Pendant

Mother of Pearl and White Sapphire Pendant

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One of a Kind Grey Mother of Pearl Pendant with a Faceted White Sapphire. Set in Sterling Silver. On a Sterling Silver Chain. The back has a screen texture. The pendant measures one inch in diameter and the White Sapphire is 4mm. The chain is 20 inches long. 

The Mother of Pearl piece is an Antique Button from a button factory that went out of business. 

The screen texture is a symbol of my memories of the Gulf House. When it was storming there were often high winds blowing through the house. Sometimes when this happened the screens would make noise. They made sort of a wizzing sound. I have a vivid memory of that sound. Sleeping there, so close to nature, feeling the wind blow over me, listening to the harmony of the wind and the screens was very calming. Nothing but me and Mother Nature. 

It is my wish that when worn this ring will remind you of all things beachy - shells, sand, breeze, waves, walks, and most of all calm. 

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