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Marian Miller Metalsmith

Butterflies with a Pearl Earrings

Butterflies with a Pearl Earrings

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These earrings are fine silver and 24K gold. The ear posts and backs are sterling silver.

They are part of the BAE Collection the collection to honor Jack. 

The colors (silver and gold), symbolize the colors of Jack's furry coat. I also see these pieces as gentle, soft, and sweet, just like Jack was.

The butterflies symbolize our sweet, slow walks, the pearl symbolizes Jack’s soft and precious nature.

The backdrop of the third image was taken in front of the huge Azalea bush in my Mom’s front yard (it’s about to burst into blooms). I missed the full bloom this year but the memories of it in 2020, walking around with Jack will forever be in my memory.

In addition to honoring Jack, I hope that these pieces in the Bae Collection and the stories and memories of our time together bring some soft, precious, and slow moments to your days.

The earrings measure 1” long and 0.75" wide. 



They are made by the ancient Korean technique called Keum Boo. The English translation of Keum Boo is "attached gold". 

The Keum Boo process goes like this...If sterling silver is used it must go through a process, called depletion gilding, in which the fine silver is brought to the surface. This is done by heating the metal to between 600 and 800 degrees and then quenching it in the pickle (a mild acid cleaning solution). This process is carried out 10 to 20 times or until the metal has a matte, white finish. Then the Keum Boo fusion process can be carried out.

In the Keum Boo process, the 24K gold is cut out first.  Then the fine silver is heated to somewhere between 600 - 800 degrees. The gold dot is then applied and fused with the silver by burnishing. Burnishing is done by rubbing the gold onto the silver with an agate and/or a titanium burnisher until the metals fuse (meaning that they become one metal). The pieces are then formed and finished.



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