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Marian Miller Metalsmith

Blue Slag Half Moon & Sterling Silver Talisman Pendant

Blue Slag Half Moon & Sterling Silver Talisman Pendant

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This half-moon-shaped Blue Slag Talisman Pendant is backed with Sterling Silver with a little round window of Mica. The mica, is a little extra treat, for you, a little bit from North Carolina. 

The pendant and chain are oxidized sterling silver. The pendant measures 1.5 inches across and 1 inch long. It hangs on a handmade 20-inch chain.

I grew up with the belief that things that were salvaged, reclaimed, and rescued from being discarded had value. From the floors of our house (made from boards out of an old Courthouse in North Alabama) to the dining room table at the Gulf House (made from an old bowling alley floor) to some footstools (made from camel saddles my grandfather had brought home when he was stationed overseas).

I remember after Hurricane Frederick in 1979 picking up hundreds of boards along the beach to rebuild our wharf that had been blown away. And on several occasions, I remember my Dad saying the old adage, “They don’t make things like they used to.” He also used to say, “use what you’ve got”. From all of these messages, I got in my head that old things, used things that were already broken in, were better.

This collection comes from that place. Using this blue slag, a by-product of smelting iron is my interpretation of salvaging, reclaiming, and rescuing this beautiful material from being discarded. I love that this material has been made by essentially melting the iron embedded in the earth. Such a beautiful product that is the color of the sky or a beautiful blue sea (or Gulf).

 This Reclaimed Collection was also made with honoring in mind. Honoring the things that could have been thrown away and instead were rescued, salvaged, and claimed back. It honors the anomalies in each piece. By anomalies, I mean the characteristics of each one-of-a-kind slag piece that may be seen as an abnormality but instead gives it its uniqueness. It's one-of-a-kind beauty. 


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