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Marian Miller Metalsmith

Round Turquoise Pendant - TRUST

Round Turquoise Pendant - TRUST

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TRUST - (verb) - to believe in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of.

Trust is a word I have thought about a lot lately. After I found a brief moment of joy I got scared that I wouldn't feel it again. So I kept doing my normal routine, yoga, working in my studio, walks with Jack, and hikes, and the word TRUST kept coming up. I realized that I needed to trust that I would find joy and that things were going to be okay again. I trusted and I found more joy.

I put this word on the back of this turquoise pendant as a reminder to continue to trust. The American turquoise piece is set in 22 Ky gold, hung on a 32 inch sterling silver chain with one single gold ring linking it all together. The turquoise pendant is  3/4" in diameter. 
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