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Marian Miller Metalsmith

Orange Rosarita Pendant - COMPASSION

Orange Rosarita Pendant - COMPASSION

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The latest pendant in the FINDING JOY Collection. Orange Rosarita, set in sterling silver with 18ky gold accents and carrying the word COMPASSION.

With the ruling this past week it’s been hard for me to feel joy. I am feeling so many emotions, but the one that sums it all up is rage! I’m furious. But I’m also hurt.

While I’m trying to manage the emotions and educate myself on what I can do, where I can donate, and how I can help, it’s important that I give myself a little compassion. It’s been very hard work being a woman in this society. It’s unfair and I’m so angry.

I hope you too can find a moment to give yourself a little compassion so we can get back to joy and fight for our rights.

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