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Marian Miller Metalsmith

Red Clay & Sterling Silver Brooch

Red Clay & Sterling Silver Brooch

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This one-of-a-kind brooch is a collaboration between myself and my husband, ceramic artist Matt Repsher of Repsher Ceramics. The piece is mid-range stoneware with a blue engobe or slip. It is set in Sterling Silver and has a steel pin back.

The texture on the back is the fur texture to honor Our Jack because he was Our Boo Bah Bae. 

I am very fond of the simplicity of Matt's pieces set with prongs. I like how you can see the natural color of the clay. The red clay he uses is similar in color to the clay that is found where I grew up on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay. I have fond memories of playing at "Clay Mountain" on the cliffs of Ecor Rouge. 

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