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Marian Miller Metalsmith

Rosarita Teardrop Pendant - PASSION

Rosarita Teardrop Pendant - PASSION

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PASSION - noun - a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.

This red Rosarita pendant, set in 22ky gold, holds the reminder of PASSION. One of my ways of FINDING JOY is to connect or re-connect with my PASSION(s).

When I was on the rollercoaster of emotions last summer I realized that I had not been mending. By mending I mean darning, stitching, and/or patching my well-worn, dearly loved clothes that were worn out.

I have a PASSION for mending. I see mending as more than fixing worn-out clothes, I see it as an act of taking care of oneself. When I take care of myself FINDING JOY is easier.

I am happy to say I’m back at it, mending that is, and FINDING JOY doing it.

I chose this bright red Rosarita to hold the word PASSION. The Rosarita is set in 22ky gold and backed with sterling silver. The pendant measures 1.75 inches long. It hangs on a 36-inch Sterling Silver chain. The chain has two linking teardrops in 22ky gold.  

The Rosarita “stone” is a glass-like material, slag (a by-product) from gold mining. It is reclaimed. I have a deep affinity for reclaiming. My hope for you with this piece is that it inspires PASSION and that you FIND more JOY in your life. 

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