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Marian Miller Metalsmith

Rose Cut Smoky Quartz and Mother of Pearl Earrings

Rose Cut Smoky Quartz and Mother of Pearl Earrings

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The Rose Cut Smoky Quartz is set in 18 Karat Gold bezels. The Oval Mother of pearl pieces are set with 18 Karat Gold prongs. The Quartz measures 1 cm in diameter and the oval Mother of Pearl piece measures 1.8 cm long and 1.2 cm wide. The earrings hang down 2.6 cm (about one inch) from the post.

The Smoky Quartz serves as a reminder for those bonfires we had on the beach. They were always a day-long endeavor, collecting wood from down the beach and dragging it all the way home. We worked up a sweat doing that but we knew the reward was a toasted marshmallow that night. 

Mother of Pearl is a shell. It comes from the inside of mollusk shells. These particular pieces are Antique pieces I collected from a button factory that had gone out of business. 

It is my wish that when worn these earrings will remind you of all things beachy - shells, sand, breeze, waves, walks, and most of all calm. 



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