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Marian Miller Metalsmith

Rose Cut Carnelian and 18 Karat Gold Earrings

Rose Cut Carnelian and 18 Karat Gold Earrings

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In the FINDING JOY Collection, I choose bright colorful stones because they remind me that color can dramatically affect your mood. I picked stones of "happy colors". Wassily Kandinsky (one of my favorite abstract expressionists) once said, "Color is a power that directly influences the soul." With this collection in mind, I chose colors that can inspire your JOY! 

These one-of-a-kind bright orange Rose Cut Carnelian are set in Sterling Silver and hang on Sterling Silver ear wires with an 18 karat gold dot. They are 1.25 inches long and .75 inches wide. I thin they are perfect for any season, not only summer!

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