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Marian Miller Metalsmith

Lapis Lazuli Circle Drop Earrings - RADICAL KINDNESS

Lapis Lazuli Circle Drop Earrings - RADICAL KINDNESS

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These Lapis Lazuli Circle Drops measure 2 inches long. The circle drop measures just under 0.75 inches across. They are made of sterling silver with a patina.

The message on these earrings is inspired by my days with Jack, our beloved dog. He did yoga with me, he lounged in my studio, we took walks together and he nudged for pets or belly rubs daily. His trust in me was a gift. It was a dreamy life and he was The Sweetest dog. When he got older and slowed down is when the RADICAL KINDNESS came about. It is hard to explain but my kindness towards him deepened. It was true kindness, unleashed, heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul communication. I am still thinking about RADICAL KINDNESS aspire to share it when I am out in the world. 

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